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    Disaster Recovery, best (self-hosted/admin) plan?

    Other question I had, is there a backup of the CustomBuild configuration I should be downloading? Just a list of the selected options in the "Edit Options" page of DA.
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    Disaster Recovery, best (self-hosted/admin) plan?

    SSD was provided by my dedicated host provider, no real options in the SSD of my server. The provider wanted to charge me US$35 a month for RAID1 with an additional SSD, crazy amount in my opinion.
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    Disaster Recovery, best (self-hosted/admin) plan?

    Thanks ikkenben, I'll look into that option, it does give me an idea about doing a separate monthly snapshot.
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    Disaster Recovery, best (self-hosted/admin) plan?

    BTW, I did already see this page: My directadmin directory is nearly 1GB alone, most of which I assume would be automatically reinstalled with the correct configuration. I'm trying to limit my backup to the essential files that would not be automatically...
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    Disaster Recovery, best (self-hosted/admin) plan?

    ~2 months ago I did a YUM UPDATE, restarted the server, and the 1.5 year old SSD refused to boot. I thought I had an "ok" data backup plan in-place, but came to find out I had broken daily backups with a script change I did 2 months prior. Had to rebuild everything and recreate 2 months of work...
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    PTR Records on multiple IPs, what should they be?

    I've read through several threads, but I cannot decide what I should do in my current situation. I have 5 IPs assigned to me by provider, here's how the current PTR records are assigned (I can manage the PTR records through the provider's control panel): - old PTR record listing...
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    Domain Error Logs cannot be viewed by Users

    I recently moved servers and upgraded to Centos 7, php-fpm, and MariaDB (among other upgrades). Since then, users have not been able to access web error logs. I see all the logs in /var/log/httpd/domains/ but they are root:root chmoded to 644. I have created new users since the move, new log...
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    X-Authenticated-Id header revealing username?

    I was just looking at some bounced mail headers and realized the username was listed in the "X-Authenticated-Id" header. Is that header necessary? Can I modify how it displays the sending user? Maybe md5 the username, so I could figure out who it was (if somebody was sending out spam, etc), but...
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    System Backup ignoring settings

    I am trying to use the System Backup feature in the Admin panel, several of my users are > 10gigs in size, I don't want to archive them. I uncheck "Add user home directories to directory list below" and do not check their home directories in the list at the bottom, but they still get created...
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    Sharing Spam Training with Multiple Users

    I setup the spam training some time ago using the tutorial here: It really has made a difference. The problem is the training is only good for the individual user. I have one client with a few dozen mailboxes and they keep getting the same spam across...
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    Assigning IPv6 IP to server IP (while maintaining IPv4 server IP)

    I recently started failing SPF checks with Gmail and Comcast emails, finally figured out it was because Exim was communicating with those servers using IPv6. I didn't have any IPv6 IP assigned to the server, Exim was using an IP from who knows what/where, so I went in and turned off IPv6 support...
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    Make private_html the default location loaded by File Manager/Files for a user

    Hi DA, So one of my users has gone to strictly serving SSL content, so public_html is empty. The minor annoyance is in the user admin panel, whenever I want to get to their private_html folder I have to take a roundabout way to get to it (there are a few routes, at least two clicks each to get...
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    SSL site, ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ goes to public_html??

    I've been moving my site to SSL, everything is in the private_html folder and working fine...except for the newsletter manager I had installed in the cgi-bin. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out why everything seemed to be rerouting to my public cgi-bin. I finally took a look in the...
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    So, yep, I finally got hacked

    My own fault, I let several customers go far too long without updating their joomla CMS. Three of them had 1.5.26 installed, which was the last in the 1.5 platform (and ancient by now). Two days ago, one of the sites started sending out tons of the "Your Package was Not Delivered"-type spam...
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    pcfg_openfile on Admin htaccess file?

    I've been getting these errors for some time, finally thought I should try to fix the problem. My apache error logs have multiple lines reporting: [Sun Jun 30 08:23:33.421811 2013] [core:crit] [pid 3136] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00529: /home/admin/domains/.htaccess...
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    Just updated Kernel, no sites loading!

    I just updated the server with the following via YUM: kernel.x86_64 2.6.32-358.6.2.el6 updates kernel-firmware.noarch 2.6.32-358.6.2.el6 updates kernel-headers.x86_64 2.6.32-358.6.2.el6 updates...
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    Name Servers are pointing to other sites on the Server?!?

    I was checking my site name in Google and noticed that other sites on the server were in the search results for the site. For example, my page is also indexed in Google on: If I go to...
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    Process/User qpidd (suddenly) started after YUM Update?

    I did a YUM update earlier today (on CentOs 6.3), now I'm getting lfd email alerts every hour about the process qpidd using excessive resources and being otherwise suspicious. I can't find much information on what qpidd is/does. Does anyone know what it is and what action (if any) I should take?
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    Main Server SSL Cert Problems

    I wanted to install an SSL certificate on my main server IP so my clients could use SSL connections to the mail server, didn't sound too I'm stuck. Everytime I try to install the CA Cert I just purchased following the notes here on the...
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    403 Timing-out and httpd.conf

    I was having a heck of a time with a shopping cart on one of my sites, it would never load a full page of products and would return a 403 FORBIDDEN message half the time. The logs showed a ton of "client denied by server configuration" errors, so I started (after three days) to think it was an...