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  1. HostinganID

    After Updated Directadmin, DA Skin Force Dark Mode

    Yes my mac on dark mode, thanks. Anyway there is an option to not detect dark mode from our computer ? Because i used custom css :cry:
  2. HostinganID

    After Updated Directadmin, DA Skin Force Dark Mode

    Hi, Can someone help me, After i updated my directadmin, the skin switch to dark mode. And when i try to use Not forced (User select) is cant be. How to fix that? Thanks
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    Multiple PHP on Subdomain

    Just add your sub domain as a Domain, then switch on domain option on right top. Change your php version on directadmin. if you used cloudlinux, you should be disabled the cloudlinux php selector.
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    CSF+Modsecurity+Cloudflare is possible?

    Is possible, Csf already installed when you install your directadmin. Also mod security, you can check it on custombuild plugin. For cloudflare, now i think cloudlare did not have directadmin plugin, but you can still sign up using website.
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    Yes, Still relevant, i already try it 1 weeks ago and still works.
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    Can't login directadmin panel as admin or user

    Im afraid your problen is ip seasion. You can try this For disabled ip season check.
  7. HostinganID

    which one should be installed first? CloudLinux or DirectAdmin?

    No difference i think, If you install directadmin first, and already setting / tweak your apache / php, maybe you shuld re-tweak your setting after used cloudlinux.
  8. HostinganID

    Permissions as another user

    After you wget, you cen set the user permission / chown.
  9. HostinganID

    restore backup with ftp problem

    You should install the ncftp, by running these command on your error message.
  10. HostinganID

    SSH webconsole in browser

    I think cPanel is no longer having this features. And directadmin not must to have this too. User still can access with terminal or putty software, just give the tutorial imho.
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    Passwords for DirectAdmin

    Try to change the password using passwd command, passwd yourusername
  12. HostinganID

    Add Domain problem

    Already try to check dns / zone for old domain you've been deleted? I think the dns zone still exist and you can try to deleted this.
  13. HostinganID

    DirectAdmin 1.59.0 has been released

    Did you already try rebuild phpmyadmin and php on custombuild?
  14. HostinganID

    Easy Migration Tools

    I think migration on directadmin is still easy but little tricky.
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    How to buy cheaper, when using hetzner? Who are official reseller?

    Agree, if many request to Hetzner. I think hetzner will become a partner of directadmin as soon as possible hehe.
  16. HostinganID

    whmcs module for csf

    For free version you can try Jetserver CSF Manager
  17. HostinganID

    how to fix, to wordpress asking ftp for installing plugines

    Nice one, Thanks for share solution for your mine problem
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    Roundcube error 500 / server is up and running

    What php worker u are using ? Try this, Rebuild the php and apache. And rebuild your roundcube on custom build.
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    Which control panel do you prefer? cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc...

    We using directadmin and cPanel, As a hosting provider cPanel price is too damn high for many domain / accounts. So, the solution is directadmin, for selling cheap / low cost web hosting. And cPanel for selling premium web hosting.