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    New Install preferred OS

    Hi, I have been using Centos 6.x for long, Now reinstalling a clients server, which is the best option currently, please guide.
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    Domain creation and deletion occurs with lot of lag

    Hi, I am managing a customers server and the addition of domain and deletion both takes a lot of lag like more then 2 minutes, What should I do to fix trouble. Everything other then this is running well and fine.
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    using ipv6 as a replacement of ipv4 as dedicated IP for user domains

    I like to know if following setup is possible: Directadmin server with a static ipv4 address and like 10 ipv6 for 10 individual domains as their fixed IPs, and the server IP not shared for the domains? I tried enabling IPv6 in directadmin.conf file and then added ipv6 in IP management and then...
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    How to know which user/domain is using maximum resources

    Hi, I am watching a huge load spike on a server with shared hosting clients. It was good last month but some user is exploiting maximum resources this month, How can i catch that user, what are commands to see which user is using maximum resources or other resources, so i may kick it out...
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    XSL installation on directadmin with PHP5

    Hi, I need the XSL extentions get installed on my direactadmin box, which have php5 I have searched all available material regarding this problem, on these forums and googles it, but nothing sums up to solve this problem. Please write the step by step solution to this problem, I know that xsl...
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    New domains not being created with a big list of errors

    hi, I am facing problems with creating domains on this directadmin VPS install. It has been working smooth for more then last 1 year, But apparntly it started showing errors without any change made to DA install at all. The creation of domain shows this all errors ^^ After this it shows...
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    Resources used by users?

    Hi, How can we see that which user is using how much RAM or CPU or maximum requests? Can we see it top too? Where all processess show which user own them? What is the best way to see the resource usage by users and kick most affecting user. Thanks.
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    File permission changing problem in FileManager

    Hi, I am unable to change the permission of my files in filemanager, What s wrong with it, There is not a Tick enabled so i check or uncheck it. Am i missing something or is it a problem with DA? Thanks.
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    Highest possible Apache performance

    Hi, We are testing Directadmin before implementing it on a very high loaded website. 1. We are going to use it on a high end CPU with 16GB of memory for a highly busy website with 500-1200 people online at any given time. 2. Right now, We are testing it on a dual CPU with 4 GB memory and the...