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    Do I need Brute Force Monitor with APF/BFD ?

    On my VPS after Centos upgrade I have noticed two things. - 1 Brute Force Monitor is running - 2 APF/BFD does not detect/block brute force on email related ports For many years I've been using APF/BFD and was quite happy with it. Question: if I disable BFM will APF/BFD work as it used to...
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    failed to run CLAMAV test

    I have reinstalled Centos 5.11 + DA on my VPS. Exim and Dovecot are working fine. I have enabled Spamassassin, have ClamAV running fine, but in /var/log/maillog I have this error popping up with every checked message: spamd[31394]: rules: failed to run CLAMAV test, skipping: spamd[31394]...
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    URGENT: DA decided to change apache to nginx on my VPS ???

    Unless I got something wrong DA changed my http server from apache to nginx. I have been trying to revert it by hand but still have some issues. 1. How can I completly revert back to apache ? 2. How canI lock it up so no changes of that kind would happen ever again ? 3. Why that happened ?
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    Spam not deleted "address is in the user's black-list" - why ?

    We have SpamAssasin + SpamBlocker installed. There is few senders that constantly clog mailbox with high volume spam. Using DA settings page for SA I have added them to balcklist. Now all those emails are coming from: "address is in the user's black-list", but it is plain waste of time and...
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    how 2 create email aliases

    as per subject. say, that user require that all email coming to sales staff have to be sent also (cc) to the sales manager. how to do it, please ? thank you, <domu>