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    Best way to set up 2 domains 1 website

    Hello, i have separate domains that will be promoted separately but need to resolve to 1 website. I have set up basic domain pointers before ( -> but this is a litlle bit different, just something i haven't done before. basically i have 2 domains (sample)...
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    full path when using symlink??

    I'm using a script that requires the absolute path to the folder that is set for uploaded files to be uploaded to. I have used this script many times without problem, but for this particular account i am using a symbolic link for the public/private folders. The absolute path that i would...
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    Redirect it to the catch-all ~/.spamassassin/spam folder

    Hello, this is my first post + a newbie so excuse me if i've made a mistake. I have a client that is very sticky about thier spam setup, apparently their old web host had some nice features, that DA spamassassin doesn't have...??? they have 30+ email accounts and their main IT person wants to be...