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    Directadmin CP - multiple hostnames and SSL

    Hello, I have a question. So now I have configured SSL for DA control panel, under port 8080. For example this hostname is But now I need: domain to be accessible also using SSL + DA control panel. Is is possible to 'give' DA two certificates or something...
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    Error changing ftp password for XXXX: That user doesn't exist

    Hello, today, I have spotted that I can't change password for one user. he can login via DirectAdmin panel, but have no access to FTP... when I try to change this user the password, I see (in log/directadmin/error.log): 2015:05:25-16:34:09: Error changing ftp password for XXX: That user...
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    DNS manager validation

    Hello, One of users entered this: www.*.team as a name padameter ir DNS manager, later I was not able to start bind server. Can the DNS validation be updates with this scenario? Thank you!
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    Custom nginx config per vhost

    Hello, we have installed nginx and it works, but as you know .htaccess is not supported... so We need to host all files via index.php... in other words we need different configs per host. Since hosts are written using different frameworks, so we can't have one which works for all.. Any...
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    Hello, probably it would be valid, to increase default message size to 25M at least, since gmail has 25MB size limit... Thanks !
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    Turn off Email

    Hello Support! Nice to see this process going. I think it is also important that mail service could be somehow switched off? Thank you
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    little DA + Apache + Dovecot + Exim SSL FAQ, Tested on CentOS 6

    Hello, So I've bought DA, and wanted to secure it with SSL sertificate. I bought one from a vendor.. here are the instruction on how to use this ssl cert on DA Panel, apache, dovecot, exim. # Firstly, we generate CSR certificate: (source: ) cd /root...
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    Exim + Greylisting

    Hello, First of all hello everyone and thank you for a nice product. I moved from plesk to DA and so far I like it! I have met one problem I could not figure out - greylisting. I tried this howto: and it does not work.. I also tried one more...