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    Update to MariaDB 10.0.37 failed

    Just tried to update MariaDB from 10.0.36 to 10.0.37. But I got this error: Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ to /etc/systemd/system/mariadb.service. Ensuring local-infile is disabled for security reasons in MySQL configuration file... Giving...
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    Pyzor module with SpamAssassin

    On a recent installed DA-server we see these errors: Mar 19 03:21:03 s07 python: detected unhandled Python exception in '/usr/bin/pyzor' Mar 19 03:21:03 s07 abrt-server: DUP_OF_DIR: /var/spool/abrt/Python-2017-10-22-13:28:28-5834 Mar 19 03:21:03 s07 abrt-server: Deleting problem directory...
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    Unable to connect to IPv6

    Followed the exact steps as described in on two Centos 7 machines (one VM and other dedicated). But tests show that webserver and nameservers are unable to connect. Still, ifconfig -a shows the correct IPv6 adresses. Also disabled CSF for testing...
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    Release 1.11

    When will ESF 1.11 be out of beta? It has a nice feature blocking attachments within ZIP files.
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    Pure-FTPD won't start

    Just upgraded one server from CB1.2 to CB2.0. Only thing is that Pure-FTPD won't start. Messages log: pure-ftpd: (?@?) [ERROR] Sorry, but that file doesn't exist: [/etc/pure-ftpd.pem] The .pem file is present so what am I overlooking?
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    Backup fails

    New installed DA Centos 7 server. However backup fails with: Error while backing up database test_wp1 Error while backing up database testl_wp1: The sql file is 0 bytes in size: /home/admin/user_backups/test/backup/test_wp1.sql mysqldump error output: /usr/bin/mysqldump: unknown variable...
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    Update ModSecurity Comodo ruleset fails

    Update ModSecurity Comodo ruleset gives me: Can't open /etc/cwaf/main.conf: No such file or directory. Can't open /etc/cwaf/main.conf: No such file or directory. ./build: line 13703: /usr/local/cwaf/scripts/ No such file or directory Installation of ModSecurity Rule Set has been...
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    Modec Failed to create subdirectories

    Installed ModSec on new server with CentOS7 and CB 2.0. Server has mod_ruid2 installed. Now this error shows up in the error_log: ModSecurity: Audit log: Failed to create subdirectories: /var/log/modsec_audit Can this has something to do with: <IfModule mod_ruid2.c> SecAuditLogType...
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    Not possible to upgrade PMA to

    Using Custombuild 1.2 and MySQL 5.1 it is not possible to update PMA to [root@s03 custombuild]# ./build phpmyadmin phpMyAdmin 4.2.12-all-languages requires MySQL 5.5+, but 5.1.73 is installed Dropping phpMyAdmin version down to phpMyAdmin
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    APC fails after PHP uipgrade

    APC fails after PHP uipgrade (SOLVED) Just upgraded PHP from 5.2.17 to 5.3.10 using custombuild. I deleted APC entries in php.ini before the upgrade and put them back afterwards. But now the httpd/error/log shows: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: apc: Unable to initialize module\nModule compiled...
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    php -v fails after APC install

    Just installed APC using this: Now phpinfo looks fine but in termimal php -v gives no result. What could be wrong?
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    Disable Mod_Security2 for one domain

    Is it possible to disable Mod_Security2 for just one domain? Will it be as simple as customizing the httpd.conf for the specific domain so it includes: <IfModule mod_security2.c> SecRuleEngine Off </IfModule>
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    BFD rules

    I wonder if anyone wants to share his BFD rules modified for DirectAdmin configuration. Thanks!
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    Moving accounts from old to new box

    Can I expect any problems when moving accounts form a Fedora 3 Apache 1.x box to a new Centos 5 APache 2.x box?
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    Multi Server: Unable to open a socket

    I'ver used Multi Server for a few years now without any problem. But now I'm dealing with this error message when I do a Test Connection on both servers: Unable to connect to 109.237.x.x Unable to open a socket I've turned off the firewall, deleted the server ip's, turned Multi Server off and...
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    Underscore in A-records

    It used to be possible to create A-records with names that included an underscore. At some point this has changed. In the latest version 1.341 (or perhaps earlier) it is impossible to do such. Anyone experienced this same issue?
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    [Dovecot-news] v1.1.rc10 released v1.1.0 will be released on next Friday if nothing horrible happens. * LIST X-STATUS renamed to LIST STATUS and fixed its behavior with LIST-EXTENDED options. It's now...
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    Default exim.conf makes server blacklisted on

    One of our servers is being blacklisted at Sending out NDR and accepting mailadress verify, seems to put your server on their listings. The exim.conf of the blacklisted server is default. So my question is: what should be changed in the exim.conf to prevent servers from being...
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    Ability to select all, delete and mark as read in mass for Admin/Reseller MESSAGEsyst

    In DA version 1.31 this option is included: Ability to select all, delete and mark as read in mass for Admin/Reseller ticket system. See: It would be great to have something similar for the message system too!
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    closed connection in response to STARTTLS

    One of our DA boxes cannot receive mail from certain domains. There are no traces in the maillogs as why the mail was bounced. Other DA boxes do not have this problem although they are configured the same. From the sysadmin of one of the sending mailservers I received lines from their mainlog...