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    OpenLiteSpeed + WordPress + WP-Rocket Cache plugin

    Hi, WP-Rocket page cache plugin for wordpress adding some code to .htaccess As a result, when accessing the website with OpenLiteSpeed we getting download file instead of open the website Anyone else bump into it? Ideas? I don't see the the problematic location in error log Regards,
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    Openlitespeed Web admin

    Hi, how can I run the litespeed admin web view? any other alternative to apache extended server-status? Regards,
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    OpenLitespeed and modsecurity

    Hi, modsecurity show me cp: cannot stat `/etc/nginx/nginx-modsecurity.conf': No such file or directory it's look like it's looking for the rules in nginx and it's anyway not working I try to save options and getting: ERROR! request to server failed! suggestions please? Regards,
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    php mail not working

    Hi, from some reason simple php mail script not work for me for example, this one: I check the E-Mail Usage and not emails sent from this account using updated php 7.3 nothing in php error log any suggestions? Regards,
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    php-fpm error 503 and website loading issues

    Hi, when working with php-fpm, in both apache and nginx we have some servers that send permanent or random 503 errros or just not load the site, for 503 move to mod_php solve the issues for not load, restart the php-fpm solve the issue It's just unstable? configuration issues? thy option to...
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    error 503 after restore users

    Hi, some times, with php-fpm we got error 503 after restore users from backup so we need to do this steps: 1. remove existing user 2. restore user from backup 3. now we getting error 503 until we do rewrite_confs and it's solve it, the question is how can we avoid that? Regards,
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    Right method for DirectAdmin + CentOS 7.x + webp support

    Hello to the DA Community we try to use WebP Express Plugin for Wordpress with DirectAdmin + CentOS 7 and have some issues: 1. for Gd extension, I see: Required imagewebp() function is not available. It seems Gd has been compiled without webp support. 2. for Imagick extension, I see: no decode...
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    Select PHP version per domain - 4 options

    Hi, as good as I see, new DA Installation allow to install up-to 4 PHP versions php1 / php2 / php3 / php4 I add it to existing Installation, but PHP Version Selector inside the panel show me only the first 2 options any suggestion why?
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    Create file via API not working

    Hi, am using simple get parameters and it's not save the file: https://server01.mydomain.tld:2222/CMD_FILE_MANAGER?json=yes&action=file&path=/&name=yourfile.txt&text=dsadasadaasassaa but not new file named yourfile.txt that contain dsadasadaasassaa as I see at...
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    php-fpm connection timeout every week

    Hi, on of my servers with DA + CentOS 7.x I got this error on all the websites: [Wed Aug 22 18:02:59.730864 2018] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 40281:tid 139710596777728] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)...
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    the right way to integrate Incremental backups with DirectAdmin

    Hi, I have external Script that do incremental backups for DA Users so, I have 2 questions about that: 1. how can I add some feature / button on Admin Backup/Transfer on Create Backup and Restore Backup sections? And if we're talking about it, it's can be used to add DNS Templates for Office365...
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    Letsencrypt CA root

    Hi, it's look like the Letsencrypt certificates missing some root CA we got error with Mcafee antivirus for letsencrypt certificates that created with DirectAdmin it's look like or other part is missing the error...
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    Custom Logo with Evolution skin

    Hi, this will work also for evolution? any other right way to uploads custom logo and survive the skin updates? Regards,
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    Error 405 for PUT / DELETE Methods

    Hi, Just try to work with php code (laravel framework) and I got error when using PUT / DELETE Methods I try to: 1. add http_methods=GET:HEAD:POST:PUT:DELETE to custombuild and do ./build rewrite_confs 2. add to htaccess <Limit GET POST PUT DELETE PATCH> order deny,allow allow from all...
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    New Skin with OLD Login?

    Hi, I installed the new Skin and it's work well, but the Login page is old style any suggestion? Regards,
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    DA default mail for cron

    Hello, by default DirectAdmin using the username mailbox to send cron output 1. how can I change this default to empty value so no email will sent for cron output 2. how can I mass change this value from USERNAME to empty value for all existing users All the best,
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    Mail forward headers

    Hi, right now, when I set forward Address, with this example: sent from: sent to: localadress@localdomain.tld forward to: forwarded@remotemail.tld the remote forward address getting this mail from: to: localadress@localdomain.tld instead of: from...
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    Rcommended PHP type for Apache 2.4.27+

    Hi, I used mod_php with mod_ruid2 for most of my servers, now, I start to see this error that say that mod_php (Prefork) Disable and give warning when using Prefork. The server will continue to run, but HTTP/2 will no longer be negotiated. what is the recommendation, continue to work with...
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    Block access to all vhosts / shared vhosts command

    Hi, I want to deny IP access to IPs in Apache level, for all vhosts I try to add Order Deny,Allow Allow from all Deny from in httpd-includes.conf file but this not working, any suggestion? Regards,
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    New Skin feedback

    Dear friends from DirectAdmin please consider to add additional option fot Advanced / Code / WYSIWYG editor to the new Skin, in additional to the plan text editor Regards,