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    Execute bash script on user level

    Hi i would like to execute bash script on my own user account. As i understand there is no access to users to execute bash, but is it possible somehow to enable on specified user? Cron: /usr/bin/bash /home/specialuser/ --- Thanks
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    cgroup usage

    Does anyone use cgroup to limit resources in centos and what's the best way to use it? Or has someone made a plugin for that ? I think this is possible. CloudLinux seems great but good taking your money also. We need something free, but good alternative to use with da. Ideal ofc would be...
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    CSF firewall page issue in DA

    I encounter this issue for quite some time now, when re-accessing the CSF page in directadmin interface. After i save csf configuration and then switch the page and come back to CSF, only the page title in the CSF interface will load up. And if i restart direcadmin service then the CSF page...
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    RoundCube missing direct_login option. Please re-install RoundCube.

    After updating to latest DA/custombuild the direct email login stopped working. Custombuild 2.0.0 (rev: 2295) I get this error: RoundCube missing direct_login option. Please re-install RoundCube. DA conf seems fine: one_click_webmail_login=1 What i already tried: cd...
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    Block email server-wide

    I would like to block some certain email domain senders server-wide. How to block domains with wildcard (EXIM) ? How to blacklist the email domain server-wide with SpamAssassin? Thanks.
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    Improve DA UX!

    Hi, To me it's tedious to go around the corner every time i would like to mange an user account, why not go to straight? We cant because there are obstructions ahead. What is the excuse i don't understand, but the UX experience for admin account is lacking and also is very limited (as an...
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    Use GeoIP2 to determine DA interface language

    Hi there, I think it's a great idea to use GeoIP2 data to determine DA interface language on DA login screen, so the clients feel more comfortable and "home" when they first start to use DA CP. Also not everyone knows english, this feature also would show that DA have the power to be clever...
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    Limit cronjobs in package

    Hi, I would like to limit cronjobs per package. Would it be possible to add this in future DA release? Thanks!
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    XMLRPC not installed

    Hi there, I can't figure it out how to install xmlrpc, also many accounts want this so i cant imagine why its not installed by default with directadmin/custombuild. I tried this, its no use: [root@server~]# sudo yum install -y php-xmlrpc Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds...
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    en.po not loading by default

    On the login page, there is an issue when i make new en.po file and want that to be load by default - it's not loading. Instead it is loading the "dictionary.pot" file. Location: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/lang/ I want to change the default language strings on login page...
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    BUG: Evolution Skin menu changes not saving

    Hello, Please review the Customize Evolution skin page. I added a new menu link and filled in everything. After i saved changes, then the menu link and icon showed up in the menu/grid but when i logged out and logged in then the menu entry was gone. Please take a look. Thanks!
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    Compress mail manually (

    Hello, CustomBuild 2 have option to compress new emails, but i would like to know how to manually compress mail which is already existing in inbox and sent items. I did not see any explanation how to do it manually. Screenshot: Ideas ? Thanks a lot.
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    Filemanager Right Click!

    Very small feature but very handy. I am just use to a logic that if i right-click some file or folder row i get a menu. Would help a lot of users as well. At first, when i discovered the File Manager i did not understand how to open menu, so i figured out that pretty soon but i always need to...
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    Limit User Backups

    I would like to share an simple idea to possibly add this option to user backups to limit backups count per user. There is article written ( to manually do this, but would be much more realistic if it's in one place to configure (GUI) and it should...
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    SpamAssasin build failed / halted

    Hi there i am unable to build spamassassin. I am using custombuild 2 and newest DirectAdmin. I followed few articles: also this one: [root@server custombuild]# cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts [root@server scripts]# ./ Downloading...
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    DA install with CSF

    Hello, I am running into firewall issue if i follow the general setup instructions. Ports are blocked by default. Please be kind and post/update a complete newest installation instructions how to install DA with CSF/ GUI based FW (for not linux administrators, but normal users). I see...