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    Where can we find the 'custom_domain_items'

    Hi, Where can we find the 'custom_domain_items' in the new skin? When we change back to the enhanced-skin, then we see our parameters. But in the evolution skin we cannot find them. Greetz, Lydia
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    httpd configuration: custom pre/post not shown

    change httpd configuration with custom-files Hi, At first our compliments on the very nice skin and the nice features! Only the httpd-config is a bit less intuitive. It is not easy to see which custom (1-4) you are editing currently. The token-popup is not on the edit-page...
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    FR: leave /custom dirs untouched on update

    FR: leave /custom dirs untouched on update or global dynamic custom-dir Hi, We have symlinks on the /custom-dirs in DA to some dirs in a special git-repos. So we can maintain the scripts easily. With any update of DA the symlinks are deleted and a new custom-dir is put in place. Is it...
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    change mainpath or $mount_point for systembackup

    FR: permissions sysbk, was: (solved) change $mount_point (sysbk) Hi, I tried to change the path for the system-backup to: /home/admin/sys_backups in system backup > Configure Full System Backup > Backup Path But that did not work. It still backups to /home/backup. To reach that dir I need...
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    Error on popboxen created by restoring backup from other server

    Hello, We had some errors with some of our accounts on a new server. Exim said: LMTP error after RCPT .... 451 Dovecot gives: May 04 10:57:46 lmtp(28682): Error: fchown(/home/kom/imap/, group=1003(access)) failed: Operation not...
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    Exim wont start after update

    Hi, Please help!! I just let CB2(plugin) do the advised updates. And no Exim won't start anymore. It says: Starting Exim Mail Transport Agent... Apr 16 12:43:28 ***.nl exim[23794]: 2018-04-16 12:43:28 Exim configuration error in line 38 of /etc/exim.easy_spam_fighter/check_mail.conf: Apr 16...
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    Customize compilations options when upgrading

    Hi, I just got my server offline, after upgrading php 7.1 to 7.2. :( We have postgres enabled with php. I assumed that these options would remain when upgrading the php. But they didnt :( Did I do something wrong? Or can you please make it so that the current (changed/extra) options also are...
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    Token for default domain?

    Hi, Is there a token (in the httpd config) for the default domain of a user? I could not find one so far. Greetz, Lydia
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    Userlevel logs from nginx?

    Hi, At userlevel I see only the apache logs. (enhanced skin) The userlevel logs are available in /var/log/nginx/domains. But I cant find them in DA. How can I find them in DA? Thanks, Lydia
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    Feature request for plugin CB

    Hi, The plugin for CB works great. But searching the logs is not so nice. Would it be possible that the plugin would create logs per process and use the name of the process in the filename. something like: - build_php_<datetime>.log - update_eximconf_<datetime>.log etc Greetz, Lydia
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    Error when installing plugin (even the hello-world example)

    Hi, When i try to install a plugin, it responds with: Error unpacking /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/hello_world/plugin.tar.gz : Error restoring file /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/hello_world/plugin.tar.gz : gzip: stdin: not in gzip format /bin/tar: Child returned status 1 /bin/tar: Error is...
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    Modsecurity error 406 and "GET HTTP/1" in logs

    Hi, Last week we installed a new server with the latest centos7/directadmin/CB2 with nginx-apache en php7.2. https, ssl, ipv6 everything works nice, except http\2. Modsecurity gives an 406 error because it wants http\2. We have format/reinstalled the server, but the error keeps coming back...
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    Leave modsecurity settings unchanged when \build rewrite_confs

    Hi, We have modsecurity engine installed, but it is set to 'off' (or detectonly) in the comodo-plugin. To do a general change in de httpd-configuration, it is very easy to use the button 'rewrite confs' in admin>httpd-configurations. But then modsecurity is also reset to the CB options and is...
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    Permissions for system backup

    Hi, When performing a systembackup, the backup-dir has strict root permissions. We set the backup-path to the admin-user like: \home\admin\sys_backup But because it is set strictly to root (640), the files wont show in the file-manager. Is it possible that sysbk gives them other permissions...
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    Filemanager shows owner id (number) but not the name

    Hi, I am playing around to get the ownership right for git-deployment by hooks. For some files now DA only shows the nummeric ID as user or group. But when i lookup the dir with 'ls -al' the names are shown normally in the ssh shell. Have i done something wrong? How can i fix this? I tried...
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    php-fpm fails every minute with error on webapps.sock (please help!)

    Hi, Building php (56 and 70) on nginx keeps giving errors while starting. Installing goes fine, but the service won't start normally. At last it did started anyhow. But then it fails again. So DA start restarting it every minute I have been searching, reïnstalling, rebuilding for 3 or 4 days...
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    Nginx config not in directadmin.conf?

    Hi, Recently we got a new vps with Centos and directadmin. We upgraded to custombuild 2.0 en installed nginx instead of apache. When looking at directadmin.conf. It still has apache-variables and paths to apache/httpd-configs and not to nginx. Nginx is working fine, although. The httpd-config...
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    Even more security in the file editor

    Hi, The file editor in DA is great! Is it possible to hide root-files (with security=yes) until the root-ww is given by the admin? It is nice you can only edit them untill you give the root-ww, but I dont like the idea, that they can be viewed without being root. We have a lot of root-files...
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    Forum search, why always through advanced search?

    Hi, (NB. I hope i did not double post. But I cannot find my post anymore, so i post it again) After years of managed VPS, we now applied for unmanaged vps. So we need to do more with directadmin and finded very nice features. Compliments! So i am doing a lot of searching in this (very good!)...
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    [plugin] update_webapps give error

    Hi, When updating the webapps by the plugin i get: Executing /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild/admin/build update_webapps /bin/sed: couldn't flush stdout: Broken pipe /bin/sed: couldn't flush stdout: Broken pipe Done! How can i fix this? Or is it a bug in the plugin? When updating by...