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    Permissions issues during web uploads

    This was my first DirectAdmin setup so I probably did this wrong to begin with. Still, I need to figure out how to fix this (hopefully in an easy non-complicated way). I only have one site on this DA install. The site is being stored in /home/admin/public_html. The site loads and looks fine...
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    Automatic server software updates

    Just wanting to confirm since I am a DA noob. If i followed the instructions on this page: and made sure my custombuild had those items all set to yes then my system will automatically update all the server software including kernel...
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    setting up temporary subdomain for testing

    I am moving my site from a cpanel server to directadmin and I have never used DA before. Before switching the DNS for the main domain I want to point over to the new server's IP so that I can test things out and make sure I didn't screw up anything in the transfer. I see in...