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  1. gozen

    migration from sata to ssd (steps)

    Migrating from CentOS 7 to Almalinux is actually an upgrade (if you install the latest Almalinux)
  2. gozen

    Brute force attacks: living a nightmare in InterServer.

    I wouldn't say that easy that someone managed to hack your account in your Panel, sometimes services are getting hanged because of high server load. You should try a restart and access through SSH or ask for support from your host if it's a managed server.
  3. gozen

    phpmyadmin_public bug?

    You can access it but you can't see any DB's correct?
  4. gozen

    use SSL for mail server

    Just in case you have CSF you need to make sure that port 587 is also open for the user in request.
  5. gozen

    Your license OS (CentOS 7) does not match the OS installed (CentOS 8) datacenter license

    You can try changing the license OS from your client area here in DA
  6. gozen

    Server does not respond to requests other than browser

    Do you have CSF installed on your DA server?
  7. gozen

    Converting from CentOS?

    For now we stay with CentOS 7 and CloudLinux ...maybe we will give CloudLinux OS a try that was just announced.
  8. gozen

    Add extra partition for storage

    I know I most probably miss something easy (or at least that's my believe) but seems I can't achieve what I need. We have a DA server with SSD and we need to add an extra drive for storage let's say for a nexcloud installation. We mount the drive under /data but nexcloud can't write to it no...
  9. gozen

    billing system.

    Their demo is not working though..
  10. gozen

    How to buy cheaper, when using hetzner? Who are official reseller?

    Or you can ask a Hetzner reseller (though it would be probably managed)