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  1. napcok

    All domains reverts to server certificate after update

    This happens to me again after updating PHP. I have to generete Let's Encrypt SSL certs manually for all domains to fix that. Logs:
  2. napcok

    How to enable Directory Listing?

    How do I enable the directory listing with OpenLiteSpeed? I already try to put Option +Indexes to .htaccess. No luck so far.
  3. napcok

    OLS, LSCache and growing cachedata directory

    I have DirectAdmin with OLS and 2 Woocommerce Stores on the server. I can see /usr/local/lsws/cachedata directory is growing circa 1GB per day, and my /usr filesystem will be 100% full soon. I clean cache by LSCache Wordpress plugin, but this doesn't affect cache directory...
  4. napcok

    Clamav + pureftpd_uploadscan missing systemd service files

    Hello, I installed Clamav and pureftpd_uploadscan this way: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build set_service clamav ON ./build set pureftpd_uploadscan yes ./build clamav ./build pureftpd Now I have in Service monitor both clamav and pureftpd_uploadscan Stopped Whan I try to start...
  5. napcok

    Proftpd with mod_sftp don't start

    Hello :) CentOS 7.4 64bit Following this howto -> Proftp don't restart. systemctl status proftpd -l ...proftpd[10200]: fatal: SFTPHostKey: unable to use '/etc/ssh/ssh_host_rsa_key' as host key, as it is group- or world-accessible on line 13 of...