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  1. wesco

    [RELEASE] DirectAdmin PostgreSQL plugin

    It should work with Debian as it works with Ubuntu 18.04 but if you need us to test a specific version of Debian please contact us directly. Thank you!
  2. wesco

    [RELEASE] DirectAdmin Shell In A Box plugin

    This plugin provides Shell In A Box (Terminal) interface in DA. Users are able to whitelist their IP for access to SIAB and SSH (optionally) ports. Tested with CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04. SIAB installation tutorial and usage screencast This is a paid plugin. It is licenced per IP on an annual...
  3. wesco

    [RELEASE] DirectAdmin PostgreSQL plugin

    Ubuntu 18.04 support has been added since v. 1.0.35 as well as related tutorial.
  4. wesco

    [RELEASE] DirectAdmin PostgreSQL plugin

    This plugin provides management interface for PostgreSQL. It can be useful for clients that need PostgreSQL support including the ones that migrated from cPanel to DA. Script that imports PostgreSQL data from cPanel backup is included (brief description). Screencasts of plugin installation and...
  5. wesco

    Error while renewing let's encrypt certificate

    I experienced the same inability to reissue letsencrypt when "Force SSL with https redirect" is on. I added the below snippet (found on stackoverflow) to custombuild/custom/ap2/conf/extra/httpd-includes.conf: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> # prevent vhost rewrites from killing the alias...