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    Brute Force Monitor Not Working Properly

    Its definitely not working properly. All i see is Brute Force Monitor doing is scanning wordpress logs which is pretty useless. I mean, whats the point of scanning Wordpress logs when a brute force plugin is already installed for MOST wordpress installations especially if you are using...
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    Spamassasin is rubbish

    No wonder i never ran this crap before. It cant stop the basic of basic spam. Not to mention the really good ones. I get scores of 70 yet in the control panel i tell it to block spam scores higher than 10. WTF? Too many negative scores too. Why would you need to assign a score of -30 for a...
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    Acl error

    Im seeing this in my logs; 2017-04-26 07:01:34 H=([]) [] Warning: ACL "warn" statement skipped: condition test deferred: failed to expand ACL string "${lookup dnsdb{ptr=$sender_host_address}{false}{true}}": lookup of "ptr=" gave DEFER:
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    RBL lookups not working, spamassassin not scanning properly

    I installed everything for Spamassassin from CB2 as per the knowledge base articles 526 posted. RBLs are not being queried. In fact, all the messages arriving to my server look like this. SpamTally: Final spam score: -60 and - 20 etc in the header. I have gone though multiple articles...
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    Can we have updates to Custombuild 1.1 and 1.2 FAQ?

    Its way outdated and really needs an update. There are tons of options in options.conf not explained in the FAQ's For example, how do i disable Apache ITK for mod_isapi Is this the option? apache_mpm=auto? Thanks
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    Serveralias suddenly stopped working.

    I'v been visiting for site for a number of years at and it always loads up the site even though the wordpress is install on But suddenly, as of last night, i get a blank screen when visiting Any ideas? The site simply will no longer...
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    Howcome Letsencrypt expired?

    I fist installed Letsencrypt for my server hostname when it was offered with the last DA update. That was only a few months back. Im getting the following when trying to login to DA The certificate expired on Thursday, November 03, 2016 11:20 PM. The current time is Sunday, December 04, 2016...
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    What the hell is this crap? VARNISH!

    Why is the crap installed on my server? A week ago httpd was down and i had to kill of all the varnish processes and restart apache. Tonight i find the same problem; I already email john about this a week ago, NO REPLY! I want this crap off my server. Why is it installed? I did not install...
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    Site domain logs not being deleted? How many years now? Hmm lets see!

    I dont get why i have to wade though hundreds of log files for domains that were deleted from my server YEARS ago. I reported this like years ago, site removed from hosting does not remove the log files from /var/log/httpd/domains/*.* Why is that? Where is the BUGS thread? Was it removed...
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    SSH Keys For Admin - You know a feature that should be included in DA by now!

    After installating the latest version of Cpanel on a VPS server i suddenly realized just how far DA has lagged behind in features. I don't understand whats taking so long to includes at least SSH Key pair for the admin, you know, so we can login using PUTTY using keys instead of typing the good...
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    Does APC work properly with Fastcgi & php-fpm installed?

    According to this article apc can be installed with fastcgi however reports on the net state it doesnt work properly with fastcgi EG here is what is said about apc and fastcgi; Disadvantages •The process manager built into mod_fastcgi isn’t used. One...
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    How to tell if opcache is installed?

    According to this article, When you type php -v it supposed to show the following; PHP 5.5.8 (cli) (built: Jan 12 2014 20:27:27)  Copyright (c) 1997-2013 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright (c)...
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    Cant upload files via file manage to public_html?

    Why is that? Uploads per domain is set to 32M and the file im trying to upload is 21,642kb zipped The connection was reset The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. If you are...
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    Fastcgi crashing!!

    Ever since I upgraded php5.5 to the latest version a couple of days ago its crashing all over the place. PHP 5.5.17 (cli) (built: Sep 29 2014 01:29:35) Copyright (c) 1997-2014 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.5.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2014 Zend Technologies with the ionCube PHP Loader v4.6.1...
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    BUGS: Restore backups dont take CHOWN user:user perms into acccount

    Is there a BUGS forum? If you take a backup of a user from one server with a user:apache perm on directories and files, when you restore that file to another DA server the result is still user:apache regardless of what the existing servers perms are across all the user accounts As part of a...
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    Where is LOGIN KEYS?

    Iv enabled in directadmin.conf and restarted it. Nowhere to be found? Shouldnt be a main menu option for users to see and use? Also, what about the default PHP Selector? Its hidden where users rarely go. Why arent these options on the main control panel (enhanced) I only see it enabled in...
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    DA looking like an old 90's control panel

    Seriously, when is this panel going to get a facelift not to mention a serious upgrade to rival cpanels. I know i know, your all going to start screaming that DA is lighter on resources buy hey, why is DA falling so far behind in features? Come on guys, get it together. We need a 2K look not...
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    How to disable DA's Php version selector if your using CageFS?

    Shouldnt this be detected if your using CageFS? I mean .... Is there a way to disable it from Domain Setup? I dont need 2 plus DA's doesnt give you the functionality to add/disable extensions. Really lacking in functionality there!
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    modsec_audit.log growing OUT of control? 550megs in just a few minutes?

    I caught some idiot trying to brute force a wordpress installation and he sat there trying to guess passwords and usernames. I only just enabled modsec_audit.log logging but had to turn it off because this idiot was hitting my site and the log file grew to 550megs in only minutes. Had I not...
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    Noticable LAG when using second version of PHP installed!!!

    Ok, so I have 5.5 fastcgi installed and 5.4 php-fpm and the second version. All sites are using 5.5 but I had to set one site to use 5.4 due to ioncubeloader not supported for 5.5 for one plugin. When I load the 5.4 site there is a noticeable LAG when I click though the menu options then click...