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  1. regdos

    Empty stats for a language other than English

    I have attached the statistics view (from System Info & Files / Complete Usage Statistics) and json data from endpoint CMD_ADMIN_STATS?json=yes&ipp=50&bytes=yes&redirect=yes for English and Polish language. For Polish lang statistics are not displayed. For other languages there is the same problem.
  2. regdos

    Evolution Polish Translation

    Download and instructions: Translate includes .PO file and internal directory. Version: b60fbb4dfd7ec2c2607628bb0575d053c770d5c1 - Version...
  3. regdos


    How and where can I prepare translations?
  4. regdos

    [BUG] When htscanner=no build only php1_release

    When in options.conf htscanner=no and set php1_release and php2_release custombuild builds only php1_release. Problem is function doPhp_build() and call doPHPHtscanner. if [ "${HTSCANNER_OPT}" = "no" ]; then echo "Cannot build htscanner, because you do not have it set...
  5. regdos

    Język Polski dla szablonu Enhanced - Polish language pack for Enhanced skin

    Pod adresem znajduje się do pobrania paczka z tłumaczeniem na język Polski. Pod tym adresem zawsze będzie ostatnia wersja tłumaczenia. Aktualnie jest to tłumaczenie wersji 1.38 Jest to kompletne tłumaczenie wraz z grafikami, internals oraz...