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    Harry - roundcube skin

    Hi, look and check new roundcube skin Harry(based on Larry skin): screenshots Instructions for install Future request: 1) recreate skin as adaptive or make mobile version (think what is better) 2) make more compatibility with most plugins 3) optimization current code 4) fix finding bugs If...
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    Manual and autoupdate skins with DA API

    Da dont have system for update and auto-update skins without custom code. For manual update DA we have API function "/CMD_LICENSE?update=program". Be fine have analogy function for update skin as "/CMD_SKINS?update=capri" or "/CMD_SKINS?update=all" for all available skin. For this need know...
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    Need tokens for internal lang file

    Without internal lang tokens hard make universal function for skin programing. Some situation: 1) This code work fine without use internal lang |*if NDOMAINSMAX="unlimited"| <li><span>|LANG_DOMAINS|:</span>|NDOMAINS|</li> |*else| <li><span>|LANG_DOMAINS|:</span>|NDOMAINS| / |NDOMAINSMAX|</li>...
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    show plugin with condition

    Hello, I create a skin and I want that at absence |PLUGIN_0_IMG | was displayed |PLUGIN_0_TXT | with a custom icon. Not all plugins have user_img.html and its problem. Its work well but i dont have link if plugin dont have user_img.html |*if PLUGIN_0_IMG!=""| |PLUGIN_0_IMG| |*endif| For fix it...
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    Dont autocreate php-fpm56 socket for new user.

    My options.conf: php1_release=5.6 php1_mode=php-fpm php2_release=5.4 php2_mode=php-fpm ... webserver=nginx_apache Allwork well but after create new user in directadmin than not autocreate php-fpm56 socker for this user. Need restart php manually. With php 5.4 any problem. Please help.
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    problem: "pngfix.c:2182: undefined reference to `inflateReset2' "

    Hi! Need rebuild all directadmin services, but after "./build all d" or after "./build libpng" have error: contrib/tools/pngfix.o: In function `zlib_reset': /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/libpng-1.6.16/contrib/tools/pngfix.c:2182: undefined reference to `inflateReset2' collect2: ld returned...