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    rewrite_cons always links /webmail alias to squirrelmail

    On my servers I use Roundcube only for webmail, but it's hard to get rid of SquirrelMail. This is what I did so far: - in options.conf set squirrelmail=no - deleted squirrelmail from /var/www/html/ - copied custombuild/configure/ap2/conf/extra/httpd-alias.conf to...
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    The service 'lshttpd' on server is currently down

    Yesterday I installed DA on a CentOS 6.5 x64 server. I used CustomBuild 1.2 and all the options are default. Now every hour I get an email saying: A new message or response with subject: The service 'lshttpd' on server is currently down has arrived for you to view. Follow this...
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    FTP accounts remain when Changing a Domain Name

    I had to rename the domain name for a site. When that was done, I noticed that the extra ftp-accounts, that I created some time ago, were missing in DA. Only the user ftp-account was still there. While adding (agaim) the extra ftp accounts, DA complained that I allready reached the limit of...