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Thread: webalized binary not found?

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    Exclamation webalized binary not found?

    Reinstalling DA after yesterdays hack(attack), i followed the instructions line by line..

    [root@137d scripts]# ./
    *** cannot the find webalizer binary, please install webalizer ***
    Installation didn't pass, halting install.
    [root@137d scripts]#

    Any ideas?

    My update.tar.gz file is ~2.3 meg (website says it should be 1.3?)

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    just saw loopforevers post..

    webalizer needs to be installed manually??

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    Please make sure a /home partition is created when you install Linux.

    Make sure you have webalizer installed.

    Make sure you have bind (named) installed.


    Thats in the tech notes..

    You cannot install webalizer without a webserver (apache) pre-existing..

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    up2date -u --force webalizer

    should do it. If it installs apache, its not a big deal, the DA install will clobber it before going on.


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