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Thread: Skins Update - Changes for DirectAdmin Skins

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    Can this thread be stickied and updated every time the skins get updated?

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    Version 1.152:

    Version 1.60 (didn't release 1.52)

    Adds ability to change session length
    Mysql Access Hosts
    Mysql User Privilege modifcation.


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    Version 1.162

    Added setting for the new apache log rotation feature. You'll set the size when you want DirectAdmin to rotate the logs. It's default is 100 Meg. It will still allow webalizer to show the full usage stats, without having any "holes"


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    Main new features:
    Made reseller|user login system very simple, removed password field. Once you logout as the user, you are back at the Reseller screen.
    Added flexibilty with Reseller creation: you can now create a reseller with a shared IP which is owned by the Reseller. Also, a Reseller can now change his own user data, (His User data is still limited by his Reseller data, which he cannot modify). This allows him to change his IP.




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    added "Custom httpd.conf" feature. New pages are required as well as links in the admin settings. Download skin packages for more details and default pages.

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    Simple change to the dns control pages to use a standard text input box instead of hidden.

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    New domain creation/modification tool for users. They can chose to enable/disable cgi, set the bandwidth max, as well as the disk usage max.

    Other features include new template site creation where a reseller can create /home/resellername/domains/default and fill it with an index.html, as well as pictures and directories. The index.html will get tokenized with HOME DOMAIN USERNAME. We also provide a new template for new domains until the reseller creates that data. New resellers will get a copy of the template to that directory.

    Users can now suspend one of their domains.

    Custom httpd.conf feature now supports |?TOKEN=blah| tokens so users can specify a new Document root, users etc..

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    Skins selection for demo accounts.

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    Link to /squirrelmail

    Turn php on/off - *many files to change*

    Allow Reseller specific overselling

    More database privilege options

    Mysql gzip Backup upload

    Resend the welcome email

    Remember that the skin packages are updated and availble to download (links at the top of this thread)

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    Added "reply-to" field in the majordomo config.

    Changed >> to . Very minor and isn't required.

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    this defaults skins are automatic updated whe i update the panel or i have to do it manually?
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    you don't need to do anything. this information is only for designers so designers would update their skins.

    btw, this is the most useful thread on this forum in my opinion.

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    Can anyone please update default.tar.gz in first post to 1.207?

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    Version 1.20.6

    Small token change for the number of mailing lists a user has.

    Added token for "https" if DA is using ssl.

    Environmental variables for scripts inside skins

    Ability to turn on/off the server from being used as the mail server.

    The usr/dns_mx_control page is the only page that has any required changes for all features. The others are for development changes, or small "tweaking". Also my apologies for being a day late with this post, been quite busy.

    Remember, that you can simple view the Versions page and look for any featurse/bugs that have (SKINS) at the end of the name.

    Updated skins packages have been uploaded.


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    Version 1.21.0

    Mailing lists into User Backups

    Backedup Log Rotation in Admin Settings

    New Backup Feature
    changes in admin settings, reseller main page (add a link), and the new page itself.


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    Version 1.21.1

    *Important* adding "list2" for alternating <td class=list2> rows so that alternating colors can be used. This will help our eyes follow the rows easier. If the skins arn't changed with the panel, then the class for every 2nd <td> will be undefined. Easier to update skins now and wait for the release later.

    More skin changes to come with the release, just wanted to give you guys a heads up


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