SpamBlocker-Powered exim.conf, Version 4 is ready!

After four years or so, the new SpamBlocker-powered exim.conf file is now released for immediate availability.

  • Much better documentation; almost every line is documented
  • Optional defined smtp connect-time ACL for more control
  • Better detection of incorrect hostnames at helo time
  • Rejection of mailer-daemon replies if server didn't send email
  • Choice of blocking order: choose either block for all domains except those on exclusion list, or block for no domains except those on inclusion list
  • Local and DNS-based whitelists
  • Local and DNS-based blocklists
  • A newly-updated selection of DNS-based blocklists, including some which may not be free to use depending on your usage patterns
  • A single list of DNS-based blocklists makes it easier to see what you're using, and to make changes as required/desired
  • Optional blocking of local relay submission on localhost
  • Blocking of .html attachments by default to block recent attacks
  • Optional integration with SpamAssassin
  • Optional integration with ClamAV
  • Easy Spam Fighter (ESF)
  • Block Cracking (BC)

  • Exim 4.60 or later, compiled for DirectAdmin
  • Dovecot / Maildir

New: Installation is available

More information and download available at the NoBaloney Internet Services website.