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Thread: Upgrading FreeBSD

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    Upgrading FreeBSD


    I am discovering DirectAdmin yet. During install it added some packages via pkg_add -r. After doing portsnap fetch extract and installing portupgrade I see:

    ross@da /home/ross pts/1> portversion -vL=
    bison-2.4.1,1               <  needs updating (port has 2.4.3,1) 
    exim-4.71-1                 ?  error - origin not found 
    freetype2-2.3.9_1           <  needs updating (port has 2.4.6) 
    gd-2.0.35_1,1               <  needs updating (port has 2.0.35_7,1) 
    gettext-0.17_1              <  needs updating (port has 
    jpeg-7                      <  needs updating (port has 8_3) 
    libiconv-1.13.1             <  needs updating (port has 1.13.1_1) 
    m4-1.4.13,1                 <  needs updating (port has 1.4.16,1) 
    perl-5.8.9_3                <  needs updating (port has 5.8.9_5) 
    pkg-config-0.23_1           <  needs updating (port has 0.25_1) 
    png-1.2.40                  <  needs updating (port has 1.4.8) 
    proftpd-1.3.3c              ?  error - origin not found

    So my question is: is it safe to use FreeBSD upgrade commands?

    for example, I would do "portupgrade -a", but this will upgrade png and freetype so recompile of the dependencies is needed. If I got it right, I need

    cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
    ./build clean
    ./build update
    ./build php
    Right? I am a bit afraid of experimenting as our server is already in production.

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    your perfectly fine using the portupgrade, keep the /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild folder handy

    after the upgrade , i'd suggest testing everything in turn eg

    http / php / exim etc

    some of these may need to be reinstalled , specifically if you upgrade openssl etc etc,

    just take it slow the first time and you should have no issues.

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    Only update those showing "needs updating...". Do not update those which shows "error" - they are handled by DirectAdmin's CustomBuild.

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