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Thread: Too many brute force attacks from ip

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    Too many brute force attacks from ip

    I'm getting too many brute force attack notifications for ip since this is server ip it's probably something internal. Attacks are all on same domain, but on different user names. In brute force monitor this is one line of log

    ID IP User Attempts Filter Log Entry
    13206481810011 1 dovecot1 Nov 7 07:42:39 hosting dovecot[2711]: imap-login: Disconnected (auth failed, 1 attempts): user=<>, method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, secured

    attacks are always on dovecot and attempts are always just 1
    is this maybe from some hacked file on server, where should i start to look for solution.

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    Check apache logs, as somebody is probably brute-forcing your webmail.
    Regards, Alex G.

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