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Thread: Non-english characters in HTML files

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    One of the reasons I use CDMindmap is that I can upload to my web serve for educational purposes.
    Now, in the latest version, I discovered that the exported html and picture files contain non-english characters, like for example högnivåspråk.html
    This, of course, is not allowed on the web.
    If I remember well, this was no problem in the older versions.

    I made a ticket, but so far I have no answer received.

    Can anybody help me out?

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    Page names

    Maybe I was a bit too fast sending in this new thread. On the other hand it may help someone else.

    The page names are used to create the different picture and html files.
    Changing the page names so that they do not contain foreign characters solves this problem. Use the F6 key to display the pages. Here you can alter the names.

    CD could have done this automatically on creation of a new page, or at least build-in a warning.

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    How does it deal with directadmin? Is it directadmin that does not allow you to use national chars in filename or what?
    Regards, Alex G.

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    foreign characters

    Well, my entries go a little too far of the subject
    A program I use uploads filenames containing foreign characters.

    Uploading these files using an ftp client went without problems. Deleting however, resulted in an error. Via the directadmin site deleting was no problem.

    Writing about the solution for the application was wrong.
    I re-entered it in the right forum already. Sorry for this.

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