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Thread: [PLUGIN] CustomBuild 2.0

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    It looks you're checking software installation tab. exim.conf is a configuration file. Please check "Update Software Configuration" tab.
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    I'm an idiot!

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    I can't seem to upgrade to another PHP-version with the plugin.
    When I set php1_release on the Edit Options tab from 7.2 to 7.3, I get the message "Changed php1_release option from 7.2 to 7.3" so that seems to register right.

    But the 'Update Software' tab does not give me the option to do the actual upgrade. Even after 'Update CustomBuild' it keeps saying 'There are no updates available'. It should give me the option to update PHP, doesn't it?

    When I go to the 'Build Software' tab it says 'PHP - Version 7.3 as php-fpm' but I'm not buying that. When I switch over to Custom HTTPD Configurations I can see all domains are set to php-fpm 7.3 but when you press that I see: "Configuration Syntax Error - See below for details".

    Not a surprise, the details are: sh: /usr/local/php73/sbin/php-fpm73: folder does not exist". Which makes sense.

    Edit: I should ofcourse mention I got it working by rebuilding PHP manually from the 'Build Software' tab, but it seems to be some kind of bug in the plugin.
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