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Thread: [HOWTO] Backup MySQL databases without shell access

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    [HOWTO] Backup MySQL databases without shell access

    I see a lot of questions regarding the backing up of your mysql databases without having ssh access. I had the same questions, especially if your changing hosts or trying to make a local backup. You might run into the fact that you don't have shell access, which makes exporting and importing a lot more easy by dumping the mysql database. So how do you do it then?

    There are 2 ways of doing this, either using phpmyadmin which is very usefull and comes readily installed in DA. The problem with phpmyadmin is that it only works for smaller databases. With large databases you might get a timeout either downloading or uploading the *.sql file.

    The other way is to use a frontend to connect to your database and either download it or transfer it directly to the other database. The frontend I'm using for windows which does this marvelously well is "MySQL-Front" (yeah I know, too obvious), which can be downloaded here.

    You enter your mysql login information and connect. You do the same for the other mysql server and then you choose im-/export - Export Tables.... You then choose which tables (probably all) and the output. If you want to backup locally you might export to file, if you want to change from host you might want to choose the third option.

    * Note: For this to work you have to add yourself to the allowed hosts list. For more information about this check out the following topic.
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    Just wanted to say thanks, this may just save us an awful lot of work and heartache

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