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Thread: Does anyone want my hosting / domain reseller biz?

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    Does anyone want my hosting / domain reseller biz?

    over 200 domains across 2 directadmin servers

    most of whom do not pay as I haven't billed them. But there's na opportunity for someone who wants to spend some time making contact and getting them into whmcs or similar.

    I'll give it away. I just don't have the time to talk to people about it and don't want to just cut people off.

    server2.png server1.png

    It doesn't look like these forums are very busy anymore but you can email me at if you're interested.

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    What would you require to take over your servers and relative "customers"?
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    Hi everyone. I've had a few email responses with interest. However I think that I need this host to be US based. These are mostly small business people and will need some communication in order to get them into a paid plan. I think that most will be happy to hop on a cheap plan but I really think that it's important that the host be based in the US or it just might not work.

    I'm using the Directadmin nameserver function but the domain would probably need to be changed to yours. You could probably just to an admin backup and migrate or you could take over my linodes and figure it out in your own time.

    Still interested in giving this away to the right person so if interested please do PM or reply here. Email to is probably the best way.


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