I run custombuild 2.0 and directadmin v. 1.52.1

I have set up correctly both PHP5.6 and PHP 7.0. There was an option in the enhanced skin to select the various versions and the associated extensions. I was looking for more control from directadmin (specifically to switch modules on and off and set the version). However I could not find it.

So... after reading some posts, I decided to try to change the directadmin skin. Not only did this not work but I also lost the limited PHP version selection option that used to be there (in the user menu under advanced features). I have now returned to the enhanced skin (minus the facility I am looking for).

So... how can I regain what I lost and, secondly, how can I activate the module selection screen? I am now running blind but ok as the settings are correct - with time I will want to change them though.

Thank you for your help.