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Thread: Rspamd Guide

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    Rspamd Guide


    We've added basic support for rspamd but will add more extended support in the future.
    At the moment, you'll get the rspamd binaries, and they'll run with global configs, so no per-user, no per-domain configs.

    Version: Rspamd_conf 0.1 ALPHA

    • Exim 4.91+
    • SpamBlocker 4.5.9+ (exim.conf)
    • EasySpamFighter 1.19+
    • CentOS 7+, or Debian 9+

    cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
    ./build update
    ./build version   #ensure rev 1902+
    ./build set spamd rspamd
    ./build rspamd
    ./build exim_conf

    1. Please note, this is in ALPHA, so testing on it has been limited thus far. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
    2. Only a single global config, so DA itself does not control any settings. All emails are scanned with the same rules
    3. The ESF scoring / drop / redirect rules DO still work. You will need latest pre-release binaries to get into the SA page (noting some settings no longer apply)

    The exim configs live inside:
    and the actual rspamd binary configs live here, which we've not yet touched:
    Is it working?:
    If you're unsure if it's actually working, the simplest way to check, is to look for the X-Spam-Report, which will contain many "Symbol" items. Here's a sample with a one-liner manual email sent via telnet:
    X-Spam-Score: 8.4 (++++++++)
    X-Spam-Report: Action: add header
     Symbol: MISSING_MID(2.50)
     Symbol: RCVD_COUNT_ONE(0.00)
     Symbol: FROM_NEQ_ENVFROM(0.00)
     Symbol: MISSING_FROM(2.00)
     Symbol: SUBJECT_ENDS_QUESTION(1.00)
     Symbol: ARC_NA(0.00)
     Symbol: MIME_GOOD(-0.10)
     Symbol: MISSING_DATE(1.00)
     Symbol: RCVD_NO_TLS_LAST(0.00)
     Symbol: MISSING_TO(2.00)
     Message-ID: undef
    SpamTally: Final spam score: 85
    where we can see EasySpamFighter adding the 8.4 score to ESF as 84 (then +1 for no rDNS which I manually lowered to 1 for testing)

    If you find anything that needs fixing, please check for existing reports in the Rspamd forum, else create a new thread, and (just for now) refrain from tickets or emails, as chances are everyone will be hitting the same issues as they arise (avoids duplicate support issues).

    If you immediately regret your decision to try it out and want to revert to SpamAssassin, until things are more stable, type:
    ./build set spamd spamassassin
    ./build remove_rspamd
    ./build remove_rspamd_conf
    ./build spamassassin
    ./build exim_conf
    There are still some compile issues with FreeBSD, if anyone is feeling adventurous


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    Minor typo in ./build rspamd:
    New PCRE version is needed. Please run './build set new_pcre yes; ./build pcre; ./build set exim yes; ./build exim
    The ' is opened but not closed, feel free to remove this post

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