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Thread: Your IP is blocked

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    Your IP is blocked


    This is not a question as in that I know how-to solve it and have resolved it already.
    Just reporting it as I think it is a change in behavior with the new skin.

    Using DirectAdmin 1.54.1 with the new skin enabled.

    As I had changed internet providers for the office a couple of months ago, I found that I had forgotten to amend an additional IP white list.

    The thing is though that I was just refreshing a page and not logging in, so IMO it should just have displayed the new login page and not kick me out.
    I can put myself in the IP whitelist easily, I cannot do that for all of my customers.

    Is this a known issue, or is it "just the way it works"?
    In the latter case I probably have to up the number of incorrect logins before it blocks considerably.

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    In certain cases directadmin might block you even if you simply refresh a directadmin page. They say: This is because even loading the login page counts as a failed login attempt, so if you set a low number, you'll be more likely to blacklist yourself. I suspect this is the case, and they probably count reload of other pages as well.


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