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Thread: Trouble setting up my website through shared hosting

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    Trouble setting up my website through shared hosting

    Hi! I recently purchased a shared hosting plan for a small website I want to mess around with, but I can't seem to do anything right. Typing in my domain doesn't take me to the index page, I can't work out how to install wordpress and my attempt at uploading the files into public_html didn't do anything (they uploaded successfully, they just don't work) And I just feel lost at the lack of options and support.

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    As I expect you aren't a Server / Direct admin administrator?

    You have to ask that person who is then.

    If you are but not have a license at DIRECTADMIN direct you have to go for support at your hoster.

    Or ask someone here in forum for paid support with experience Wordpress and CO.
    While Wordpress for example is separate part then Server / Directadmin part
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