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Thread: Move site and domain of admin to an other account

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    Move site and domain of admin to an other account


    I have a site that is running under the admin user. I want that moved to another user.
    I know there is a move_domain script. Also I need the database moved to another user and also the files.

    The domain under the admin user is also the domain where the server is running on (with server.mydomain.tld). When I move the domain with the move_domain script, all the DNS records are preserved and what about the mailboxes?

    What is the best way to get this domain, mailboxes, DNS, databases over to another account?

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    Use the move_domain script for this, it will take care of your email boxes, files on a disk, dns, etc. Then

    1. create an empty DB in Directadmin for your new user
    2. copy data from old DB to the new DB, using dump/import function in DA or phpMyAdmin
    3. update settings in your PHP application/site to connect to the new DB
    4. check the site
    5. remove old DB

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    Hello Alex,

    Thank you for your response. Will give it a try in the evening, sounds like a easy solution.

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