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Thread: SpamBlocker 4.5.12 released

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    SpamBlocker 4.5.12 released


    I've released version 4.5.12 of SpamBlocker (/etc/exim.conf)
    It's a fix to address the / character being valid in an SRS sender-verification address.
    Version 4.5.10 was changed to allow a receiving mailserver to call-back to this exim server to confirm the SRS sender.
    Issue was that some SRS sender addresses sent by exim to the remote server could contain the / character.. so the callback verification from the remote box to exim would fail with the error: "550 Administrative Prohibition" error, which is nothing more than exim's internal default if no message is set. So I've also added a message to that particular check.. which, if it's ever hit, would throw "550 Invalid characters in local_part" instead, so it can more easily be found in the exim.conf.
    Note: it's very unlikely this check is hit, as the only reason it was this time is due to SRS matching. Anything else would be a "550 No such recipient here" message.


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    Looks like this is available through but not through, how long does it take till the mirrors sync?

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    Up to 24 hours, but files6 syncs around 10:00 or 11:00.

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    Can you update the versions table file at ? That way we know which version is stable and what changes are added between versions.

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    Updated on files1:

    other filesX should update shortly.


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