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Thread: Looks like your nameservers do not agree on the SOA serial

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    Exclamation Looks like your nameservers do not agree on the SOA serial

    i runn DA for years on 2 servers....
    1 server for www 2nd server for email
    this is the first time i have any issues with dns

    i see this error when checkind dns

    Looks like your nameservers do not agree on the SOA serial. Ths SOA records as reported by your nameservers: -> 2019011105 -> 2019011106

    Can anybody help me figrue this out?

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    Looks like your nameservers are connected to each other. Are they setup as primary and secondary nameserver via multi server setup or something?
    If that is the case, they need to have the same serial.

    In your case, they both have a different serial. The first ends on 5 the second one on 6.

    Probably something changed on server 2, which did not also change for some reason on server 1, or for some other reason the serials do not align anymore.

    Investigate both nameservers if both have the same entry's and if everything is correct or what have could caused the difference....
    If there are no differences, so you're sure no mistakes, you can change the first serial to 2019011106 too and restart named and the error should be gone.
    Greetings, Richard.

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    If a multi-server feature as mentioned by Richard is configured and working fine, it's sufficient to edit a DNS zone on one server to server changes on the both.

    Test from Directadmin on a multi-server page whether or not servers can connect to each other. And then modify a zone and see results.
    Regards, Alex G.

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