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Thread: Dovecot (CVE)

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    Lightbulb Dovecot (CVE)



    have been released, containing CVE and bug fixes.

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    And FreeBSD users are with no luck once again:

    Either apply the patch manually or... wait for 2.3.5

    The patch is:
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    Here is how I patched it. I opened two consoles. I'll name them "A" and "B". So starting in "A" I did:

    A> ./build update
    A> ./build dovecot

    and it failed and hung on a message saying if you want to try the make again. Leave it like that and go to console B:

    B> cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/dovecot-
    B> wget
    B> mv 1004822^..de42b54a.patch p.patch
    B> patch -p0 < p.patch

    It will ask you for the path of the file that you want to patch. It's listed right there - enter "./src/lib-master/test-event-stats.c" twice. Then go back to console A and hit:

    A> y

    That will compile dovecot successfully.

    I guess there is maybe a much more elegant way of doing that in DA but I don't know it

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