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Thread: DirectAdmin 1.56.0 RC2

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    DirectAdmin 1.56.0 RC2


    We're pleased to announce the release candidate for DirectAdmin 1.56.0:
    Version: 1.56.0 RC2

    Full list of changes can be found in the versions system:

    Some New Features


    Other less relevant features/fixes are listed in the versions system.

    As this is a fairly large release with some heavy new features, we'll use an extended testing period to allow time for bugs (if any) to show themselves.
    We're aiming for late-March, but keep an eye on the versions system entry for any changes on that.

    Please report any issues to this thread to avoid duplicate emails/tickets.

    You can install the RC1 binaries with the pre-release guide:

    Note that they will show 1.55.0, but check the "./directadmin o" compile time to ensure they show ~February 14th 2019 or newer.

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    Good job, some nice features!

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    Regarding the feature for changing MX-records for google/zoho it says this:

    Note: It does not change the "Local Mailserver" checkbox, this is still manually controlled.
    I don't understand the reason for not automatically changing the "Local Mailserver" checkbox? Most customers would forget to do this manually. The feature would be of much more value to our customers if DirectAdmin would automatically remove that checkbox. Please consider implementing this.

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    Hello all!

    I've just pushed RC2 with a new security fix with a new filter on requests. We won't release too much detail on it for security reasons, but for anyone able to test, just run any API commands you're using through DA to ensure they work (I've tested a few things, they work fine). I'll give this at most 48 hours, then 1.56.0 will be released.


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    when using CloudFlare with DA(changing to port 2087 to support that).

    the ip will show CLOUDFLARE ip instead of Real User ip. there is no option to change it to:

    cf-connecting-ip header.

    can you please support that?

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    Did this feature change in 1.56?: - if not is there any plans to change the feature? Should we hold off implementing it in our custom skin?

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    1.56.0 released already.
    Regards, Alex G.

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    @zEitEr, Yes I know. I am studying the changelogs and preparing to upgrade.

    However the changelog does not mention this previous feature: - so I would like a comment from DirectAdmin support with a status of what they plan to or not. The reason I like a comment on this is this quote from

    NOTE: This feature's implementation may change for 1.55.1, for a different design.
    As this decision was made after RC1 was pushed, we'll leave this feature as-is for now.
    If you're a skin designer, you may want to hold off until 1.55.1 before add the changes, since the variable names/tokens may be removed.
    When DirectAdmin 1.55 was released. I did "hold off" implementing it in my custom skin. And now I need to know if the feature is still planned to be changed or not, so that I can decide if I am going to continue to "hold off".
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