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Thread: Banning single IP

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    Question Banning single IP

    In other themes we could easily ban single ips, for example:

    We just modify url with desired ip ending and ban ip if needed by clicking "Block this IP", now there is no option for this in Evolution skin. Or we are just missing it somewhere? Now we have to switch themes in order to block someone, the new theme is very nice and we won't going back to old one if possible.

    This functionality is not that mandatory, but sometimes very convenient when we notice different kind of attacks (not brute force).


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    Feature has been added to latest version of the skin, thank you for the request:
    cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins
    mkdir -p evolution
    cd evolution
    wget -O evolution.tar.gz
    tar xvzf evolution.tar.gz
    cd ..
    chown -R diradmin:diradmin evolution
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