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Thread: SSL option disappears

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    SSL option disappears

    Hi there,

    We are running about 20 directadmin servers at the moment, but have never run into this problem. On one of our servers, we have three resellers. For one reseller, we changed the disk quota manually. After that, for some reason, the SSL and CGI options disappeared in the resellers' user level domain settings. Their customers still have the SSL option and their User packages still have the option as well. Just the SSL option for the User Level of the Reseller has disappeared and with that all SSL options.

    We are running version 1.54.1 on that server on Ubuntu 16.04.

    Would love to hear some input.

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    I'd suggest checking if 1.57.1 has the same issue, 1.54.1 is quite old The settings are saved in the file-system, if update doesn't help, configuration files might reveal the cause of the issue.
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