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Thread: SFTP when authorized_keys enabled (in Putty) using Filezilla

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    Question SFTP when authorized_keys enabled (in Putty) using Filezilla

    How do you use Filezilla with SFTP but without it looking at Putty's configuration for authorized_keys by default?

    Am I being stupid?

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    As for FileZilla you should refer your question to their support. Some time before I've asked the same on FileZilla's forums, and they do not seem to be going to provide a fix for it.

    For now if you don't use RSA keys for sFTP (if you run sFTP support with a help of ProFTPd), you should disable publickey from auth method in /etc/proftpd.sftp.conf and take care to copy it under custombuild/custom/proftpd/conf/ folder.

    Check for more details.
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