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Thread: Bug in File Manager Folders Panel

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    Bug in File Manager Folders Panel

    If I login as my Reseller, then List Users I am able to login as a user.
    Then I select File Manager and can navigate the Folders panel on the left of screen and expand the Domain tree.
    This works as expected. I see my domain folder for that user ad***.com.

    I then log out that ad*** user.

    Next back at Users List, I select the pu***** user and login as that user.
    When I select FileManager now, and expand the Domains folder in the left Folders panel, I see the ad*****.com domain owned by the user I was earlier logged in as, but have logged off.
    I do not see the domain for the pu****** user when I expand the domains folder in the tree.

    The list/queue/array that drives the Folders tree is not being cleared on logout or refreshed upon logging is as the next user.
    Images show red arrows for wrong data.



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    Fixed in DA pre-release binaries, if you'd like to update just the skin:
    cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins
    mkdir -p evolution
    cd evolution
    wget -O evolution.tar.gz
    tar xvzf evolution.tar.gz
    cd ..
    chown -R diradmin:diradmin evolution
    Thank you for the report!
    Martynas Bendorius
    MB Martynas IT. Professional server management company. Official DirectAdmin, CloudLinux, LiteSpeed and Comodo partners.

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