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Thread: CXS guide for Directadmin

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    Lightbulb CXS guide for Directadmin

    This guide is for CentOS 7 and CXS 11
    You must have a License from the vendor for this product. I am not affiliated with csf.

    You must have Clamav in options.conf and installed.
    cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
    ./build set clamav yes
    ./build clamav

    Once you have clamav installed

    Go setup the clamd.conf

    nano /etc/clamd.conf

    Find and set the below fields.

    # Path to a local socket file the daemon will listen on.
    # Default: disabled (must be specified by a user)
    LocalSocket /run/clamd.socket
    # Sets the group ownership on the unix socket.
    # Default: disabled (the primary group of the user running clamd)
    LocalSocketGroup clamav
    # Sets the permissions on the unix socket to the specified mode.
    # Default: disabled (socket is world accessible)
    LocalSocketMode 660
    # Remove stale socket after unclean shutdown.
    # Default: yes
    FixStaleSocket yes


    systemctl restart clamd

    You can use the below cmd to look for it. It took about a min or so for it to show.

    find / -name "*clamd*”

    looking for /run/clamd.soket

    yum install sqlite perl-DBI perl-DBD-SQLite perl-Archive-Tar perl-IO-Zlib perl-Archive-Zip perl-libwww-perl perl-Compress-Zlib perl-LWP-Protocol-https perl-Linux-Inotify2 -y     
    tar -xzf cxsinstaller.tgz
    rm -fv cxsinstaller.*
    echo clamdsock=/run/clamd.socket >> /etc/cxs/cxs.defaults

    Now head over to DA login as admin

    You should see CXS installed

    Once you go thought the wizard and set you answers to the questions.

    You should be presented with the CXS screen.


    If you get the big red message about Clam not being installed

    Check you set the socket in /etc/cxs/cxs.defaults

    Should be clamdsock=/run/clamd.socket

    If it in there and still red check the /etc/clamd.conf

    Make sure you saved and uncommented like above.

    Hope this helps. If you find errors about perl module post back. I think I got them all but not totally sure.
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