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Thread: OLS stops listening to IPv6 after some time

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    OLS stops listening to IPv6 after some time


    OLS just stops listening to IPv6 after some time. When I restart it, it's fine again but after a day or so IPv6 on 80 and 443 isn't accessible again. Any advice on how I can diagnose this? What log should I look into? Thank you.

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    I'm having the same issue since a few days. (Maybe longer but didn't notice it before).

    You can check the Apache error log to get more info. In my case it says that all ipv6 addresses are busy/occupied. They are not, so I think it's an issue occuring when ols restarts "too fast" by a command called from Directadmin. Because after a manual restart it works again.

    No solution found though so ideas are welcome. ��
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