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Thread: Why the EML file extension is considered dangerous?

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    Why the EML file extension is considered dangerous?

    EML is a file extension for an e-mail message in the MIME RFC 822 standard. Some programs like Outlook use it and some Windows-based webmail software too. For example the biggest Bulgarian e-mail provider is packing the original message in EML file when users use the "Forward" function (to forward one e-mail message to another address).

    The /etc/system_filter.exim file has a list of dangerous file extensions such as executable files, batch files, vbscripts, etc. One of the extensions is eml. This is effectively blocking some legit e-mails which are not from spammers.

    What is the reason for blocking eml? Sure it can itself contain attachment with executable file (for example); however I think that a recursive scan (to a certain dept to prevent "bomb" over which it can be blocked) should be more effective than the "big axe" of cutting all messages with eml attachments.
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