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Thread: Reseller Backup Script

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    Reseller Backup Script


    Using a cPanel reseller account, we can use a script called WHM Backup.

    This script runs from your main cpanel account and automatically backs up all your reseller cpanel accounts via ssh/ftp to external storage on a set day / time.

    Is there a way to do this in directadmin when the host has disabled the reseller backup function?


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    Directadmin has a reseller backup script installed which can do the same. So we have a script like cPanel has.
    But just as with cPanel, if the host disables it, then it's disabled.

    There might be a way using a custom script, but that might be violating the agreement with the hoster or could invoke counter measures. When the hoster closed server initiated outgoing FTP/SSH traffic it won't work anyway.
    It might be better to contact your host about activating this for your package.
    Greetings, Richard.

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    As far as I am aware, the linked script takes an individual backup of each user account under the reseller using user backups, and then transfers them or stores them locally. DirectAdmin does have user backup functionality, so if your host disables reseller backups, it's possible.

    But as @Richard G says, even if you aren't breaking any ToS of your host, it would be much easier for them to enable it, and you may as well at least ask before going an alternative route.

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