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Thread: Cant create user/reseller/database

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    Sep 2019

    Cant create user/reseller/database

    I can't create any user/reseller account or any database.
    Problem is in password field ...
    Although i type (any kind of) a password it stays red after verification below and it says "Invalid Password and no details"

    If i try to create an automatically new password it says "Unable to satisfy difficult password check."

    Any help ?

    Compiled on CentOS 7.0 64-Bit
    Compile Date Sep 10 2019, 22:29:40
    Server Version 1.58.2

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    "Unable to satisfy difficult password check.""
    Maybe something wrong with the difficult password enforcement?

    Go to admin level -> administrator settings and check this:
    Difficult Password Enforcement yes/no. If it's set to yes, try setting this to no and wait a minute. Remind that if you change it back to yes, probably users have to change their pass again.

    If you want this enabled, then keep it enabled and somebody else can hopefully help you.
    Greetings, Richard.

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