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Thread: How to buy cheaper, when using hetzner? Who are official reseller?

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    Question How to buy cheaper, when using hetzner? Who are official reseller?


    First, congratulations for this excellent system that maybe will get very much part of another paid panel customers. Maybe me too.

    I am using cPanel in vps, with around 300 accounts only, but with this new price it is not viable. Then, I search resellers of directadmin and found two with very good price (I do not know if can I post their sites here).

    I need to buy using an reseller cause I am using hetzner and they have not directadmin partnership (also, why not? will be great!).

    The problem is, in official directadmin website, have an advice to not buy from reseller without server included.

    Then, what is the solution for me?

    I found an site selling for around $9/mo. It is ok?

    ty vm

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    Your license reseller violates DirectAdmin rules, and they might find all their licenses suspended by DirectAdmin stuff at any moment. I guess you won't be happy to find out that your users can not connect to DirectAdmin because your reseller has been suspended.
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    I intend to do the right choice... then I opened this topic.

    I need the right solution for migrate and host our customer in hetzner but using directadmin with discounted prices like when we buy in another datacenters for $5 or $9/mo.

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    I'd suggest opening a ticket at Hetzner, it's very easy to become a partner of DA to bundle the licenses with the servers.
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