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Thread: More Secret Features: Subdomains

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    More Secret Features: Subdomains

    I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this, but you can create

    For example:

    It's all in the documentation, but who reads that?


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    how many times do i have to say it?

    DirectAdmin gets better everyytime i look at this forum / ask a question / ask for help / give advice :P

    Keep the secrets coming Mark (and John, and any other staff working on it )

    ** One question, how do users set up subdomains like this? is it just adding subdomain over subdomain or does it have to be done setting up a new "site" each time


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    Just go to the subdomain menu and type in the sub.sub.sub name. It's the same as adding regular subdomains.


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    can't other control panel do this as well?

    maybe i go try cpanel later.

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    But still you miss setting up mail accounts @ subdomain (possible with SubdomainAsDomain 'hack')
    there should be an option in every domain to setup mails like this:
    [fill in there] @ [fill in there even with dots] .domainname.tld

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    It's not quite that simple. Mail treats evey subdomain as a separate domain. Which would mean a complete structure inside DirectAdmin for mail for every subdomain. That's what you get when you create your subdomain as a true domain.

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