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Thread: HOWTO: Provide a MySQL user with an additional database.

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    HOWTO: Provide a MySQL user with an additional database.

    as with all HOWTO guides i provide i take no responsibility, any problems that are caused by following the guide are your responsibility only.

    Login To PHPMyAdmin as 'da_admin' using the first password used for DA (login at http://YOURIP/phpMyAdmin)

    On the right frame you should see something similar to: 'Create new database [Documentation]' followed by a form field.

    Type in the database name you want for the user (try to use a name that will not interfere with any accounts made by DA) Once you have typed it in, press 'create'

    Now you need to press the back button on your browser to return to the homepage.

    On the right frame, around 4 lines below the form you used to create the database, you will see a link saying 'users'. you need to click that link.

    Look for the user you want to give the additional database to, once you have found it, click the 'grants' button on the users line.

    The form should have a few form fields, you need to untick the 'Any database' radio button by selecting 'Database' just to the right. Select the database you just created from the list. You must leave the 'any table' and 'any column' selected for normal priveldges.

    Futher down the page you will see the 'Privileges' section. You need to select the following:


    complete the process by pressing the 'go' button.

    you may need to restart MySQL after doing this.

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