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Thread: exim error

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    exim error

    Hi. this is a new install. All ok, no errors during the install, but exim not start:

    [root@ar9 scripts]# service exim start
    Starting exim: 2003-10-07 17:05:20 Exim configuration error in line 268:
    error in ACL: unknown ACL condition/modifier in "accpet hosts = +relay_hosts"

    new install, v.1.195
    redhat 9
    OutPerNet webservices
    Cloud shared-dedicated / Colo in Argentina

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    Do this :

    vi /etc/exim.conf

    Type this :

    :%s/accpet/accept/g [hit enter]
    :wq! [hit enter]

    than :

    service exim restart

    (Notice the colons (semi colons? double colons? whatever their called) and make sure they are pushed first, they will bring up a little menu.

    Also if you prefer you can do this in pico, just do :

    pico /etc/exim.conf

    Hit Ctrl+W, type "accpet" It'll find accpet for you, change this "accept" (simple typo..) and you'll be good...

    Than Ctrl+X and save.

    and follow with a :

    service exim restart
    Systems Engineer

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    OutPerNet webservices
    Cloud shared-dedicated / Colo in Argentina

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