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Thread: Exim Piping Duplicates

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    Exim Piping Duplicates

    I have the following setup in exim's aliases for my domain:

    sales: "|/home/admin/cerberus/cerberus /home/admin/cerberus/config.xml FATAL /home/admin/cerberus/cerberus.log"
    It works fine, except that exim duplicates the e-mail.

    Here is what is in the exim log
    2003-11-06 10:50:15 1AHmOl-0001Ys-7w <= H=(jcjk531) [] P=esmtp S=606
    2003-11-06 10:50:15 1AHmOl-0001Ys-7w => |/home/admin/cerberus/cerberus /home/admin/cerberus/config.xml FATAL /home/admin/cerberus/cerberus.log ( <> R=virtual_aliases T=virtual_address_pipe
    2003-11-06 10:50:15 1AHmOl-0001Ys-7w => |/home/admin/cerberus/cerberus /home/admin/cerberus/config.xml FATAL /home/admin/cerberus/cerberus.log ( <> R=virtual_aliases_nostar T=virtual_address_pipe
    2003-11-06 10:50:15 1AHmOl-0001Ys-7w Completed
    I can see it is hitting the virtual_aliases then the virtual_aliases_nostar. How do I make it hit one or the other?


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    virtual_aliases_nostar should come before virtual_aliases (see exim.conf) ... but in any case the no-star will look for entries that are there (excluding the catch all). If it can't find it, it goes to the passwd file (virtual_user). If it can't find it there, then it goes back to the aliases file and uses the * value.

    Now virtual_aliases_nostar is set to "unseen" so that forwarders with pop accounts get a local copy as well as being forwarded. You can take out the "unseen" part, and then your pipe will only occur once.


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    Thanks for the greate explanation! Is there any way, to do the pipe without losing the ability to have forwarders and pop accounts? I'll do what you suggested for now, but I'd really like to not lose that capability.


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    Removing the "unseen" shouldn't affect forwarders and pop accounts too much. The only thing it will remove is the ability to save a forwarded email to a pop account that has the same name as the forwarder.

    forwarder: some@email


    Normally, if you send to "", in the above case, some@email would get a copy and the pop account forwarder would also get a copy. By removing "unseen", forwarders alone will still work, and pop accounts will still work, but having forwarders forwarded and saved will stop working.. it's not a feature that too many people make use of.


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    could someone explain (perhaps even in a little howto) what I actually have to do?
    I have the same problem, but with Kayako



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    Originally posted by DirectAdmin Support
    Now virtual_aliases_nostar is set to "unseen" so that forwarders with pop accounts get a local copy as well as being forwarded. You can take out the "unseen" part, and then your pipe will only occur once.
    Sorry about rehashing this old issue. I recently upgraded to SpamBlocker v2.0 which has "unseen" activated in the "virtual_aliases_nostar" instance by default. This caused me duplicate emails and lead me to this thread.

    I believe "unseen" should be taken out by default because without it, I can create both forward-only and forward-and-pop behaviors on the same server...

    (forward-only) aliases:
    user: addr@somewhere.else

    (forward-and-pop) aliases:
    user: addr@somewhere.else, user@this.domain

    When "unseen" is included in virtual_aliases_nostar, Exim is always forced to perform forward-and-pop on that server.

    I've also discovered a small bug in DA's forwarder Form. It accepts ',' but not '"|/path/to/script",' (when one of the targets is a pipe).
    Maintainer of DA-APT for Debian.
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    Try updating to the latest exim.conf and

    If you turned on spamassassin, you'll need to uncomment the spamassassin lines again after updating.


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